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In the Swingin' City

In the Swingin' City

"A couple of toons find themselves in a strange new world full of sights and sounds they've never encountered before...the world of the Third Dimension!" So this was part of a group project I worked on for a 3D Animation class. The original idea was to have a cartoon couple exploring a 3D city but eventually my partner, Kylie, and I changed it to be two little animal toons who would chase each other throughout the city. I think it actually helped to have that dynamic because it made transitioning from scene to scene a bit easier. They're constantly chasing each other, hence the locations are constantly changing, basically. Kylie designed the characters so when animating them I tried to keep their designs faithful to her original character sheets. I feel like eventually the longer I animate something, the designs become distilled down to the traits/features that stand out the most to me and the design gets translated into my own style and it just sort of happens. There was also a tight schedule for this project as well so we didn't have a lot of time to get hung up on the smaller details. I think one of our regrets was not utilizing the 3D space more, maybe having more camera movements, or 3D objects be interacted with by the cartoon characters. But again, time was an issue and we needed A LOT of it for rendering 3D scenes. When it comes down to it, I'm glad we prioritized the narrative over the visuals. A shorter animation with better visuals would have looked nice of course, but the story would have felt too short and, in my opinion, unsatisfying. Here's some links to Kylie's other works if you're interested in seeing what she makes: Webcomic "Otter Space" Instagram Twitter
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